Supported use cases

Our system can be used in a lot of different ways, but not all of them are currently supported through an integration.

Guest/Service Access

Providing access to visitors such as guests and service providers is achieved by issuing Virtual Keys. In the ButterflyMX OS, Virtual Keys are issued by the tenant via the ButterflyMX mobile app.

Providing access to a non-tenant to the building

Providing access to a non-tenant to the building for a particular unit

Virtual Keys can be restricted to work only at certain access points within a property. This is achieved by associating a Virtual key that is created via the API with a particular unit or tenant. The virtual key will have the same access permissions as the tenant or unit with which it's been associated. Read more here.

Intercom-to-Mobile Device Video Calls

ButterflyMX provides partners with an iOS SDK and Android SDK that enable you to build in-app video call functionality directly into your application. It's a breeze to get started!

Android SDK


Our Android and iOS SDKs make it easy for you to add a button to unlock a ButterflyMX controlled directly within your app. This can be implemented inside or outside of a video call flow.

What’s Next