Partner Approval Process & Requirements


This page will outline requirements for partners who wish to integrate ButterflyMX functionality into their web or mobile apps. The ButterflyMX partnership team will review partner apps according to the requirements outlined here, and approved apps will be given production credentials once the review process is complete.

If you have any questions about branding or technical requirements that are not covered in this document, please contact your partner account manager or email [email protected] for further assistance.

Approval Process

  1. API Partner completes development of their ButterflyMX integration, complying with our technical and branding requirements
  2. Partner records and submits an end-to-end demo of the integration's functionality.
  3. ButterflyMX reviews the demo and compares it against our requirements.
  4. Partner is approved if the aforementioned requirements are met, and production credentials are then provided

ButterflyMX API Partner Categories

Our branding and technical requirements documentation for surfacing BMX functionality is organized in partner categories, based on the ButterflyMX use cases enabled by partner technology. Partners can identify their category based on the use cases relevant to their implementation, and then reference the corresponding requirements in the Branding Guidelines section below.

Resident Experience Apps

Applications that integrate multiple services into one app. These platforms typically allow the end user to do things like open doors, interact with IoT devices such as lights or thermostats, communicate with property management, make reservations, and more. In many cases, resident experience apps aim to be the singular app needed for a resident or property manager to interact with the property.

Integration requirements:

Delivery Services and Property Service Providers

Third party services that deliver packages or food, in addition to service providers that need to enter the building such as house keepers, dog walkers, or maintenance. These platforms primarily interface with the service provider and rarely does the integration surface directly to the resident. The primary functionality is getting personnel from these service providers into the property.

Integration requirements:

Smart Lock Providers

3rd party smart lock providers that would like to add ButterflyMX to their app, allowing the resident and/or property manager control both ButterflyMX installed doors and their own smart lock controlled doors within the same app.

Integration requirements:

Access Control / Security

Companies that would like to connect events between the ButterflyMX system and a security monitoring system. Typically this is linking events from ButterflyMX door releases such as time, date, and photo to the event log of the security system.

Integration requirements:

Branding Guidelines

This section outlines specific ButterflyMX branding requirements, according to each respective area of ButterflyMX functionality. Partners can navigate to the section relevant to their implementation and go through the checklist in that section.

Door Releases

  • All door release notifications outside of in-app calls must say “Powered by ButterflyMX” and include the ButterflyMX logo for at least 2 seconds in a screen takeover when the door release is triggered.

Virtual Keys

  • Any app user notifications or confirmation screens that create ButterflyMX virtual keys must reference that the VK was created by ButterflyMX, e.g. “Virtual Key created by ButterflyMX”
    • All such notifications must be exposed to the end user for a minimum of 3 seconds
  • Virtual keys received by guests must reference that they were generated by ButterflyMX

In-App Calls

  • In-app call screens must have “Powered by ButterflyMX” in a visible location whenever control options are available

Audit Log

  • Audit logs exclusively generated via BMX events must have a heading indicating that the Audit Log was provided by ButterflyMX, e.g. “Automatically generated by ButterflyMX”
  • Audit logs comprising both ButterflyMX generated events and other events must identify the ButterflyMX-generated events

Technical Requirements

This section outlines the specific ButterflyMX technical requirements that must be met and documentation that must be provided in order for a partner app to be approved.

Mobile SDK integrations

  • Description of the authentication method and logic used
    • Does the integration authorize tenants or building admins?

Mobile API integrations

  • List of all API endpoints used in the integration

Backend API integrations

  • Description of the authentication method and logic used
    • Does the integration authorize tenants or building administrators?
  • List of all API endpoints used in the integration

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