The Sandbox environment is a complete replica of the ButterflyMX production environment, supporting all of the same API endpoints. Applications should be tested against the Sandbox environment before being used in production.

Differences from production environment

  • The Sandbox contains only test data and is completely separate from your production account.
  • All API endpoints have a base URL of instead of

Sandbox setup

To set up your Sandbox account, we ask for:

  • valid email address
  • full name associated with the email
  • phone number associated with the email
  • company name
  • company address

Once you sign the NDA and agree to the ButterflyMX Developer Terms and Service, you will receive an email asking to verify your email address.

After email verification, your Sandbox account will be created and you’ll be redirected to our Sandbox Dashboard at Here you can manage your company's testing resources: buildings, tenants.

Your API key and secret will be sent to the provided email address.

Next Steps

Once you have a valid Sandbox account, you can start making calls to the API. To simplify development, learn about configuring and using our SDKs. You can also jump straight into the API docs or continue to our guides for step by step instructions for your appropriate integration flow.